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I would like to take the opportunity to thank Matthew Malcolm for his support on Tuesday in helping Harbourside Market resolve a major connectivity issue we were experiencing with the Motorola PDA’s and the commercial wireless installation. Please pass on my thanks to Matthew as his support was very much appreciated.

Merv Williams

Harbourside Market

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Wireless Networking - What You Should Know


Wireless connections can sometimes be temperamental and users can at times experience slow performance and/or drop outs. Similar to mobile phones, the quality, speed and reliability of wireless networks is substandard to a wired connection but provides a high level of convenience. 

Wireless signals can be blocked or interfered with by many environmental objects:

  • Walls, floors, ceilings (especially when made from high density materials such as concrete)
  • Furniture (bookcases, desks, filing cabinets etc)
  • Electronic equipment emitting electrical signals (cordless phones, mobiles, microwaves)
  • Other wireless connections in your area that are on the same radio channel
  • The distance between the base station and the connecting device (range limits vary depending upon the type of wireless technology in use)

If you are experiencing poor signal strength with your wireless connection, explore the possibilities of moving the affected PC to a location that has a better line of sight to the Wireless Access Point.

Referring to the below image:

  • Workstation 1 has a wireless signal penetrating directly through a concrete wall.
  • Workstation 2 has a wireless signal having to penetrate 3 times the amount of concrete because of the angle required for a direct line of sight.


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