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I would like to take the opportunity to thank Matthew Malcolm for his support on Tuesday in helping Harbourside Market resolve a major connectivity issue we were experiencing with the Motorola PDA’s and the commercial wireless installation. Please pass on my thanks to Matthew as his support was very much appreciated.

Merv Williams

Harbourside Market

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5 Useful Tools in Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest end-user operating system released by Microsoft. Whether you have just bought a new PC or have been using Win7 for some time, there are plenty of improvements and new features. The best part is not all of them are just for the administrators or technically minded.

Search Utility when you press the WinKey

Finding what you want within Windows can sometimes be a “Where’s Wally” moment. So for those who know what it is they are looking for, just type the name into the search utility. You can bring this up by either pressing the WinKey on your keyboard or clicking the Windows Button in the bottom left corner of your screen. Even if you only partially remember the name of the program you are looking for, auto complete will display all matches found. Try using the "search Utility" to find the below programs within Windows 7. For Example - type "snipping tool" (minus speak marks) into the search utility.

Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is advancement on the old “print screen” function. It allows you to capture a screen shot or snip any object on your screen ready to paste, save or share the image. You can snip full screens or windows but the added usefulness is being able to drag the cursor around an object to form a rectangle or draw a free-form shape. Other features include pens and highlighters to draw over the snipped object.


Problem steps Recorder

This tool automatically captures the steps you take on your Windows 7 computer, including text descriptions of where you clicked with screen captures of each click. This is a handy tool when trouble shooting a recurring problem. You can then forward the save file to your support team.

Alternatively this tool can also be used to quickly document “how to’s” in order to build training manuals etc.

Sticky notes

Sticky notes are exactly what you think they are! When you don’t have a pen handy, type “sticky” into the windows search utility. You can then create quick notes which you can stick to your desktop. It’s easy to format text, change colour, resize, collapse or delete.



Image Resize

Windows 7 provides an easy way to resize photos before emailing them. Right click on the photo and then select send to mail recipient. You will then be prompted to select what size you would like the photo to be. Once this has been selected the picture will be added to a new email ready for you to send.


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