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I would like to take the opportunity to thank Matthew Malcolm for his support on Tuesday in helping Harbourside Market resolve a major connectivity issue we were experiencing with the Motorola PDA’s and the commercial wireless installation. Please pass on my thanks to Matthew as his support was very much appreciated.

Merv Williams

Harbourside Market

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3D TV - is it worth it?


Over the last decade the big screen TV scene has seen some extraordinary improvements. Since the introduction of Plasma screens, we have seen rapid advancements in size, brightness and picture quality. LCD and the now LED technology is providing more efficient power saving units. High Definition has increased from 720P to 1080P and no doubt higher resolutions will be on the horizon. We will always want more and manufacturers will always convince us we need more and so the visual magic of 3D has been introduced to us...again.


Walk into your local TV store today and you won’t have to wait long before a sales person is trying to sell you a 3D TV. They will tell you that it’s the biggest revolution in entertainment since the introduction of television. Well there is certainly a lot of hype but is it fad or phenomenon?



We have recently seen massive promotion of this technology which included the three dimensional broadcasting of the state of origin and the FIFA world cup last year. It encouraged the purchase of thousands of 3D TV’s although it now seems that these consumers have jumped the gun, at least in respect to watching free-to-air 3DTV. 3D TV transmitters have been removed off all transmission towers in Australia. This tells me that there has been a lack of interest in 3D viewing or at least not enough interest to warrant the expense of continuing broadcasts.


3D tv’s do carry a premium cost over their 2D predecessors however price is not what is putting the brakes on their acceptance. After all, consumers were very willing to splash out $16,000 on a plasma screen when they first hit the stores. Having to wear glasses to get a 3D effect is something that everyone can pinpoint as being a road block in 3DTV’s acceptance. No wonder manufacturers are working so hard to be the first to perfect a “glasses free” 3D viewing experience.


At present, 3D TV’s that do not require glasses do exist, however this technology will require some years yet to reach maturity. Trading in a set of glasses for the inconvenience of having to sit a set distance and angle to the TV in order to see a 3D image, is not what I would call a solution to the “glasses” problem. I do not envisage them moving very many of these TV’s into consumers lounge rooms. From a technical standpoint, it is a huge step forward but I would recommend that 3D fans observe the action from the sideline for a few years for this next step in audio visual entertainment is definitely on its way, but still a long journey from being a practical replacement for its 2D ancestor.

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